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Basic Income Can Speed Up Canada’s Recovery and Grow the Economy

Our colleagues at UBIWorks engaged the Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis to study the potential economic benefits of a basic income. They produced a detailed analysis of the potential short- and long-term economic impacts of two basic income programs in terms of GPD, jobs, and government revenues, highlighting how drawing on households, businesses, and government debt to varying degrees shapes these outcomes.

Please visit the Grow the Economy section of the UBIWorks website for a short video, infographics, highlights and the full report.

Special Committee on Poverty in PEI

The Special Committee on Poverty in PEI consulted with individuals, community groups, government
officials and subject-matter experts to develop recommendations on measures of poverty, a living
wage and a basic income guarantee. It was presented to the Prince Edward Island Legislature on 27 November 2020

*** Read the full report here.

Global Map of UBI Networks

Global Map of UBI Networks

A new tool for communication, interaction and collaboration among Universal Basic Income (UBI) Advocates and UBI Networks was launched on the 15th September as part of the 13th International Basic Income Week.

The tool, Global Map of UBI Networks, has been developed under the umbrella of Worldwide Meetings of UBI Advocates and UBI Networks. It is a digital map of UBI Networks, and at its launch there were 132 UBI Networks from more than 45 countries participating in the first version.

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Bolsa Familia - Brazilian Basic Income

Brazil’s program is the largest and one of the oldest Basic Income programs in the world. As of March 2020, the program covers 13.8 million families, and pays an average of $34 per month, in a country where the minimum wage is $190 per month. The reaction from multilateral institutions to Bolsa Família has generally been enthusiastic.

*** Read about Bolsa Familia here.


Brazil and Basic Income & Covid| BIEN Conversations | Lena Lavinas & Leandro Ferreira

Published: 24 July 2020

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