What is Basic Income?

Basic Income is an approach to economic security supported across the political spectrum. It provides a guaranteed level of income to cover basic needs, protecting a shrinking middle class and providing a real alternative to being trapped in the welfare cycle.

If it sounds like a new idea, it's really not. This is something we already do in Canada through the Guaranteed Income Supplement for seniors and the Child Tax Benefit for parents. It's been a massive success for decades in supporting seniors and families with children, with incredible benefits to the economy and to communities.

There is every reason to expect Basic Income can work well for other Canadians as well, far better than demeaning and stingy social assistance programs, and far better than forcing precariously employed people to bear all the risk of life's ups and downs on their own.

Hamilton animator Adam Gaudreau-Brown's awesome 3-minute video is a great summary of what Basic Income is, and why we need it in Ontario and in Canada.

To learn more about basic income, visit our Resources page and the Basic Income 101 page.

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