BIEN Bulletin - November 2020

Welcome to the monthly BIEN Bulletin for November 2020


Glasgow at Night

Dates announced for 2021 BIEN Congress in Glasgow

We are pleased to announce dates for the 2021 BIEN Congress. To keep a degree of flexibility at this stage, the local organising committee in Glasgow has opted for two possibilities: either 18-21 August or 19-22 August. Since the situation with Covid restrictions is still fluid, and unknowable so far in advance, they are also planning for three possible scenarios: a virtual congress, a congress both physical and virtual, and a physical congress with virtual aspects. A call for papers will come out soon.
Eduardo Suplicy, the man most responsible for getting the right to a basic income into Brazil's constitution, won big in Sao Paulo during the recent local government elections. You can read his letter about his victory and other basic income developments in Brazil here.

BIEN News reorganising

You may have noticed that not so many items going up on the BIEN News site lately - this is because we are reorganising our publishing process, and want to start again as we mean to go on. We hope to have content coming out more regularly by mid-December.
Recent posts include the Emergency Basic Income debate at the German Bundestag, and a new forum of different perspectives on basic income from a wide variety of scholars and activists around the world.

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