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2021 Basic Income Week

Basic Income Now Posters

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Email Invitation to Participate in BI Day 2021

Dear Friend,

Join basic income supporters across Ontario as we recognize Basic Income Day on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

The current public health crisis has shown us that all Canadians deserve the ability to meet their basic needs in times of financial crisis. Employment Insurance and other programmes failed to meet the diversity of urgent needs, and have let millions fall through the cracks. But this crisis has also shown us what is possible – that government has the power and the resources to ensure that no one is left behind as we recover. In short, the time is NOW for basic income.

This Basic Income Day will be a day of action. We are joining people around the world during Basic Income Week, starting September 20, to advocate Forward to a Better World through income security. Join basic income supporters right here in Canada on marches in cities and towns across the country. Don’t see one around you? Why not organize an event with your friends and family. If marching is not possible for you, why not write a letter to your MP, MPP, and Local Councillors on September 25 and let them know that you believe that the time is NOW for basic income.

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