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Basic Income and Small Business

Small Business Enterprises (SMEs) create most of the jobs in Canada. A basic income would provide a fallback for startup owners. Rob Evans is one entrepreneur who has done his research and is convinced that a basic income is good for the country. Further information can be found in THE CASE FOR BASIC INCOME FOR SMALL BUSINESSES section.

Rob Evans has been a business owner for decades. He discusses why he came to believe that basic income was an answer to poverty, promotion of individual dignity, and a step toward equality.

"A conversation with Rob Evans"

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Basic Income and the Arts

Basic Income Election Videos

Basic Income and COVID-19

  • Panel Discussion hosted by The Tamarack Institute
  • Guy Standing interviewed on The Doctor's Kitchen podcast
  • Evelyn Forget on The Agenda with host Steve Paiken and fellow guest, Mike Perry, a lawyer and social worker who is leading legal action to get the province to reverse the cancellation of Ontario's basic income pilot.

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The $7,500 universal basic income experiment

A Canadian NGO, pairing up with the University of British Columbia, carried out a bold social experiment: it handed $7,500 with no strings attached to a number of recently homeless people, then monitored them for several months. The experiment's preliminary results show that recipients had higher financial stability than those in the control group. Some had found long-term housing, freeing up space in shelters.

Video by Mark Leslie

11 February 2021

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Guy Standing

Guy Standing is a Professorial Research Associate at SOAS University of London and a founding member and honorary co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), a non-governmental organization that promotes a Basic Income for all.

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Evelyn Forget

Evelyn L. Forget is an economist, professor in the Rady College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, academic director of the Manitoba Research Data Centre and adjunct scientist at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. She is an adjunct scientist with the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, and was responsible for recovering the Mincome basic income results.

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Dr. Danielle Martin

Danielle Martin is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Medical Executive of Women’s College Hospital (WCH), where she is also a practising family physician.

Danielle’s policy, clinical and academic expertise, combined with her commitment to health equity, have made her a highly regarded health system leader. She regularly provides expertise and formal advice to lawmakers both nationally and abroad. Danielle holds a Masters of Public Policy from the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto. She is an active scholar and an internationally recognized researcher on health system issues.

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UBI Community Chat

"UBI Community Chat is where we examine the reasons why a Universal Basic Income is the right policy for today, and we look forward to answering your questions and concerns about what this is, how it might work and why it is so urgent we deal with this as a priority at a political level.

It will consist of conversations between various perspectives on these questions. In episode one, we hear from Jessie Golem and Saryn Caister, the founders of this project from their very personal and very different reasons for being so passionate about this topic.

For now, please feel free to comment on the videos to ask questions, until this becomes unsustainable and we provide another method for submitting questions hopefully in the future. We are also tentatively open to debate requests at our discretion on a case by case basis."

Some future episodes will include guest participants chatting with hosts Jessie and Saryn.

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Webinars - The Tamarack Institute

"Tamarack was founded in 2002 by Alan Broadbent of the Avana Capital Corporation and Maytree (Foundation) and Paul Born, President of Tamarack. Their hope was to create an institute that would deeply understand community change and would help organizations and citizens work better together for a collective impact.

As a small organization, Tamarack had two big goals. The first was to establish a learning centre that would provide research and document real stories, exemplary practice and effective applications for community change. Today more than 20,000 members participate in the Tamarack learning community and we provide nearly 14,000 people days of training a year. Our learning community members support our work by co-generating knowledge and they contribute more than $2 million annually to sustain this activity.

Our second big goal was to apply what we learned to end poverty. Since then, we have effectively helped more than 200,000 households rise out of poverty and have engaged more than 70 cities as partners as we continue pressing toward our goal of changing cities into places that work for all.

We embrace the words of Margaret Wheatley, that “all change, even very large and powerful change, starts from very small conversations held among people who care.” We welcome you to the conversation."

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Ted Talks and Basic Income

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Politicians Talking Basic Income