The Case for Basic Income Series

The Case for Basic Income Series is a series of projects which asks the question: "How can a Basic Income model of Income Support make a difference to people’s lives.” We answer this question by looking at the issue of basic income through the lens of sectors and communities.

Each sector deals with distinctive issues and concerns. But, there is a common factor that underpins many of the problems and issues which policy experts, politicians, and many others are trying to deal with - income insecurity.

  • food insecurity is not caused by lack of food, but by lack of income
  • people in abusive relationships frequently can't leave because of income insecurity
  • precarious and unpaid workers need to have their work and their contribution to society recognized and be given income security
  • mental and physical health are compromised by income insecurity

Each case is written by topic experts and reflects a deep understanding of how income insecurity affects the lives of people.

As each case is developed and developing, we will post the information, statements, and reports on the OBIN website.

The Case for Basic Income Series is continuing to develop with the on going support of: