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OBIN's own Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier and Dr. James Mulvale have developed a clear and easy-to-follow overview of Basic Income. It's a perfect introduction to share with anyone who wants practical information on what Basic Income in Canada could look like. Learn more.

The Basic Income community in Ontario and around the world is actively engaged in promoting the adoption of a Basic Income in Ontario. Since the pilot cancellation, the following Open Letters have been published, and are available to be shared on your social media networks and email lists.

Open Letter to Minister MacLeod from Basic Income Researchers


Open Letter from Ontario Basic Income Network and Basic Income Canada Network

This simple, one-page resource shows how to effectively engage with your MPP. Building relationships, finding common ground, and working together is vital to making Basic Income in Ontario a reality. If you want to make a direct impact in your community, a healthy relationship with your MPP is a great way to start. Here's how.

For a more advanced dive into Basic Income, the different ways it can work, and the socio-economic issues that underpin policy development, we highly recommend these primers from Basic Income Canada Network.

More Resources are coming soon. Check back often, and subscribe to stay informed!

BICN has released this important document detailing the successes and failures of Ontario's short-lived Basic Income experiment.