Senate Inquiry into Guaranteed Livable Income

News Release - 26 Feb 2020 - Ottawa, ON - Last night,  Senator Kim Pate urged Senators to examine and take action to support the implementation of guaranteed livable income in Canada. Nearly five decade ago, the  Senate issued an urgent call for a nation-wide  guaranteed livable income. 

The 1971 Croll Report was responding to unacceptable conditions of poverty.  In the meantime, evidence has continued to mount in support of a guaranteed livable income as part of a plan to alleviate the crushing poverty experienced by millions of Canadians.“

"Investing in a basic income commitment for all Canadians is not only affordable, but would reduce cost pressures in our healthcare,  education and prison system by reducing the pathologies of poverty that haunt the social and economic infrastructure of Canada,” said former Senator Hugh Segal, a leading advocate of guaranteed livable income in the Senate Chamber and beyond.

“With the fiftieth anniversary of the Croll Report approaching, we owe it to the millions of Canadians still waiting for equality to continue building on this vital work,” said Senator Kim Pate. “It is time to act to prevent human suffering before it happens, to give people a leg up and out of poverty, and to create more equal, vibrant, healthier and safer communities.”

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