Minutes - October 2019

Wednesday, 9 October 2019
7:00 – 8:30 EST

Present: Jim (chair), Joe (Recorder), John, Barbara, Ron, Monika, Adam (unable to stay)

Regrets: Tracy

Absent: Daniel, Teressa, Bob


1. Approval of Agenda

  • Agenda approved (consensus).

2. Treasurer’s report

  • Accepted as presented by email. OBIN presently has a balance of slightly over $4,000, less costs for WIX Software (2-year license) and venue costs for Annual Meeting. There was a positive balance from both the Annual Meeting and the Ottawa event.

3. Review - OBIN Conference and Annual Meeting (21 Sept 2019, Toronto)

  • Consensus that this was the best OBIN face-to-face meeting held to-date. There was a range of ages and backgrounds and new people which resulted in lively discussions and new members. Unfortunately, while available, affiliates from across the Province did not take advantage of the Zoom facilities to participate.
  • ACTION ITEM: Jim will produce notes from the Conference for distribution.

4. Update - News and Progress on Ongoing Initiatives

  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals project is moving forward with an application to the Federal Government for funding. This is a project for 2021.
  • ACTION ITEM: John is planning to create a template for events that can be held, for example, at a library using the film.
  • Invitations have gone out to MPPs for the 20 November 2021 reception.
    • Barbara is planning a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the costs of the reception. 4 have already confirmed. The organizing team is Barbara, Monika, Bill Cooper and Alan Gummo.
    • We need to continue to reach out to MPPS that have yet to be contacted.
  • Tracy is doing an event at the Public Library in London next week.
  • ACTION ITEM: Joe will send Tracy the form for collecting signatures
  • The Report following the Workers Workshop is being reviewed with a final report expected in November.
  • Barbara has initiated a new sector group for Health. Hamilton continues to be active in promoting BI.
  • Some individuals at the Annual Meeting expressed interest in joining OBIN. Ten new people in Ottawa filled out forms to join. (It is important to take opportunities of BI gatherings to join.) It was noted that some others were interested but did not want to receive information. It is important that our Join/Follow Us form respects this.

5. New Business

  • no new business

6. Updating Our Mailing List

  • New  members from Conference and Ottawa event
    • John has agreed to add the new members to our OBIN database once he receives the information.
    • Patricia and Jim to send data to John, copied to Joe

7. Revised Basis of Affiliation

  • Following agreement at the Annual Meeting, a paragraph about joining OBIN is be added and a draft was reviewed.
  • ACTION ITEM: Joe will circulate to the Team a revised version of the Join Us paragraph for approval.
  • It was agreed that we should not draw attention to the variety of Basic Income perspectives.
  • ACTION ITEM: This updated version will be sent for approval by the OBIN membership.

8. Goals and Objectives

  • Based on feedback from the Annual Meeting, minor modifications have been made.
  • ACTION ITEM: Joe will have both the updated Basis of Affiliation and the Goals and Objectives finalized and submitted to OBIN members for approval, tentatively, in November.

9. Next Newsletter

  • It is felt that Newsletters should be regular even if short.
  • ACTION ITEM: Jim/Joe/John/Bob will hold a Zoom meeting to decide timing and content. Joe to contact Bob for potential dates.

10. OBIN Meetings

  • The question was raised if we should go to bi-monthly meetings. It was agreed that is was important for the Coordinating Team to meet regularly - preferably monthly.
  • Meetings starting next year, will be scheduled generally on the second Wednesday or the month.
  • ACTION ITEM: Jim will send out a schedule.

11. Next meeting

  • Wednesday, November 6 at 7:30 pm EST.

12. Adjournment

  • ?