Minutes - March 2021

Tuesday, 2 March 2021
7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Present: Adam, Barbara, Caterina, Chloe, Craig, Joe, John, Kevin and Tracey.

Regrets: Richard and Ron

Absent: Netta and Tiffany

1.0 Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved without discussion.

2.0 Treasurer’s Report

Due to a previously scheduled meeting, Richard was unable to attend but submitted the following written report in advance of our discussions:

The financial update from the treasurer is as follows:

  • We received one donation during the month of February for a net of $9.41;
  • No expenses or disbursements have been incurred for the month of February;
  • In the bank account, after extracting the externally restricted funds, there is a net to OBIN of $2,264.79
  • The known outstanding expense is for the video production, once the video has been accepted. With the request for improvements to the video around sound quality, there would be an additional cost of $150.00, bringing the total cost of the video production in the order of $650.00.

At the January C-team meeting, there was a vote to provide an honorarium of $300.00 to Saul Bottcher, and $300.00 to Aleksei Minaev. Saul has declined to accept the honorarium and Aleksei has not responded/acknowledged any electronic communications to be able to initiate any fund transfer. Therefore, neither of these decisions has been acted upon.

3.0 Content Management Update

  • Website Clean up.

Joe reported that he, Barbara, and Adam had met in order to determine how best to clean up the website. The first simple step is by having each C-Team member shorten his/her biography and, preferably add a brief video to give readers a choice. He invited each team member to visit the site and offer suggestions on how we might better organize. Sharon had asked that we employ analytics to determine who is looking into the site and to identify what they are looking for so we can respond to reader priorities. Adam had noted that the website did not link to our Facebook; this is being corrected. Minor changes to the site were recommended and will be instituted. Major changes will be brought to the Team for discussion.

John confirmed that he will make reference in the newsletter to his request for another volunteer to assist with Content Management.

4.0 Technology: NationBuilder Update

Joe reported that while we are making progress on this issue, it is important that we are able to collect information properly. In this regard, he suggested that each of us unsubscribe and resubscribe to test the new forms.

5.0 Action Items Related to February Roundtable

  • Preparation of C-Team Members’ Video

Joe noted that Caterina was the only member of the team, thus far, to have prepared a video and encouraged the remaining members to do likewise.

6.0 Roundtable

  • Update from Caterina – Internal Relations

Caterina reported that the OBIN Affiliates of Ontario had met on Monday night, 1 March 2021. During the roundtable, John Mills reported that a representative of the United Church in Southern Ontario had expressed interest in a BI: John will follow up. Jessie Golem reported that the Presbyterian Church is also supportive of basic income and that she had given a presentation to the Mennonite Church on basic income which was well received. Jessie has also been interviewed for the CBC radio program “The House” which may be aired this coming Saturday at 9 am on Radio 1. The UBI Lab network has asked Jessie to speak. Also, Caterina has approached Jessie Golem on behalf of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) and has asked Jessie to be on a Basic Income Panel along with Robin Boadway, at their 8 May 2021 conference. Jessie and Robin have both agreed.

Joe reported that he had spoken with the Executive Director of the North-South Development Roots and Culture Canada organization to discuss possible areas of collaboration and for OBIN to become more inclusive. He recommended that we scan their website at http://rootsandculturecanada.com. One area of interest for follow up was the Criminal Justice System.

Joe also noted he is continuing to work on building up a Basic Income Affiliate in Ottawa.

7.0 New Business N/A

8.0 March Newsletter – Reminder

The March newsletter will be going out tomorrow, Wednesday, March 3, and the deadline for the April newsletter will be Friday, March 26.

9.0 Schedule for Next Meeting

It was agreed that our next meeting would be held Tuesday, April 6 at 7:00 EST.

10.0 Adjournment Time

The meeting ended at 8:30 EST