Minutes - June 2021

Tuesday, 01 June 2021. 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Present: Caterina, Chloe, Joe, Kevin, Richard, John, and Tracy.

Regrets: Barbara, Adam, Ron

Absent: Craig, Piers

1. Approval of Agenda

Caterina requested that we add “Equality Trust” to the New Business segment of the agenda.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Richard

The financial update from the treasurer is as follows:

* We have received two donations during the month of May 2021, for a net of $33.38;

* No expenses were incurred during the month;

* In the bank account, after extracting the externally restricted funds, there is a net available to OBIN of $2,036.15; and

* There are no known outstanding expenses at this point.

Joe enquired about the amount of externally restricted funds available for Barbara and Richard confirmed that the amount was $1,583.27.

3. Content Management Update

- Results of Web Content Meeting

Joe reported that he, John, and Piers had a mini content management meeting which had been set up to look at the technical aspects of the website problem and to identify how we might implement some of the recommendations. John added that Piers will review the contents and make further recommendations about the removal of various types of material. Joe asked once again if everyone would review the website and forward any recommendations about the removal or rearrangement of material to Piers, John, or himself.

4. Roundtable

Joe initiated the roundtable by reporting that Barbara, who was unable to attend the meeting, was working with municipalities on a program that it is hoped will become a national effort.

Caterina reported that she had organized a fundraiser for the environment this past Friday and sold 28 tickets at $20.00 each.

Chloe reported that she was in contact last week with 15 counsellors and mayors, including three impressive representatives from Ottawa.

Tracy reported that she and Craig are working on a video about myths about basic income and also have been working to get BI London operational.

John reported that he had begun Elaine and Jamie’s book, The Case for Basic Income and is finding it impressive and informative.

Joe reported that he has been involved in discussions with disability and basic income groups and will participate in a follow-up meeting on this subject in the latter part of June.

5. New Business

There was a detailed discussion about the appropriateness of holding meetings over the summer, following which it was agreed that we would meet both in July and August and that over this period we would review “the future of OBIN”. It was also agreed that we would hold a website content management meeting on June 22.

Caterina enquired whether anyone would be interested in joining her in a British webinar, “Equality Trust”, which would be available shortly. Caterina will distribute the link to the interested people in the next day or two.

6. Deadline for July Newsletter

John reported that the June Newsletter would be published tomorrow and that comments for the July Newsletter should be forwarded to him by July 2.

7. Schedule for Next Meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held Tuesday, July 6,

Joe concluded the meeting by informing the team that Adam would be commencing his PhD in September and will have to withdraw as Promotion and Communications Coordinator. He will seek a replacement Coordinator from his Facebook contacts. Unless we are advised otherwise in the next week or so, we will also need to find a Co-Coordinator for this role as well. Joe also asked the Team to be on the lookout to fill these positions.

8. Adjournment Time.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm