Minutes - February 2020

Tuesday, 18 February 2020
7:00 – 8:30 EST

Present: Joe, Jim, John, Barb, Andrew
Regrets: Monika, Saul
Absent: Adam, Tiffany, Tracy, Ron, Patricia

1. Approval of Agenda

  • Agenda approved.

2. Minutes Action Items and Treasurer's Report

  • $3,100 in the OBIN account; approximately $2,500 earmarked for External Relations.
    • February minutes to be sent out post-meeting by Andrew and approved by email, so they can be included in the Newsletter since the website is presently under revision.
    • Newsletter call for Abstracts/Proposals for the 21-24 May North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress (deadline extended to Feb 24).
    • Jim to send potential March dates to Andrew and John for a Cross-Provincial Check-In call. Andrew will take notes at the meeting if he is available.

3. Update on status of our technology

  • Saul has paid the fees, cleaned up the database and all contact info has been updated in NationBuilder; website work has been progressing and we should have a "draft site" to review in about a week.
  • ACTION ITEM: Treasurer and Joe will discuss appropriate format to post on the website.

4. Budget estimate for 2019/2020

  • Draft Budget:
    • Zoom - already paid to end of fiscal year (30 September 2020)
    • Adopting NationBuilder - fees $200
    • Software License - $210
    • Estimated expenses for C-Team Workshops/Travel - $15,000
    • All C-Team members please review the draft budget and provide feedback to Joe for the March C-Team meeting.
    • Fundraising to be discussed.

5. February Newsletter - Input and Deadline

  • Content is crucial - we want to profile one or two groups per month and highlights from the C-Team
    • John is going to reach out to Carole in the Waterloo group this week for an update on their activities to be profiled in a newsletter.
    • Jim suggests we include the link to a news story he will provide about the "social assistance review" from the provincial government. Concerns about "privatization of social security" that need to be monitored
    • Add reference to BI case for work - Barbara
    • Feb 28 deadline for Newsletter content - send to Bob

6. Round Table

  • Barbara - cases proceeding: Work document coming out; May 4 on Food Security; May 8 or 13 on Women; Youth - Robert Kiley; Health - will take place in the Fall; Barbara pursuing Hugh Segal on Democracy. Update and discussion session to take place at the NABIG Congress in May.
  • John emphasized the challenges of recruitment in general and on finding Co-coordinators - "how do we get enough people to draw from a pool for replacement?".
  • Cross-Canada team in place to organize Lobby Day in Ottawa in the Fall.
  • Joe working with Saul on website and digital media and making quick progress.
  • 23 responses to the e-blast - important feedback on term length and staggering the start of terms (should the C-Team go to 2-year terms with half the positions starting each year?).
  • ACTION ITEM: Organize an informal meet-up for OBIN members at NABIG Congress on Friday or Saturday night - Joe to work on it.

7. New Business

  • None

8. Next meeting date and time

  • ACTION ITEM: Joe will follow up with the C-Team members to pin down a time. Aiming for Monday, 23 March 2020 at 7:00 pm EST.

9. Adjournment

  • Meeting adjourned at 8:18pm.