Lobby Letter #2 - May 2020

17 May 2020


Riding of Z




As Members of Parliament you have acted quickly to help create CERB, CESB, CEWS, and other programs to help fill gaps in our social support systems.  I thank you for your work.  But despite these efforts, many face delays and confusion, some falling into poverty.


Imagine what your constituents’ lives would be like if a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) was in place before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.  The government would have had a solid foundation on which to build and Canadians could have been spared some of the anxiety many are experiencing.


It is time for Canada and the provinces to build a permanent, joint, inclusive income support program that can sustain a more resilient economy.  Before the pandemic began, 13% of Canadians lived in poverty.  Many more have joined them.  Canadians need stability, the ability to plan for the future, confidence in government and in the economy. It is time to transition to a permanent Basic Income Guarantee, to move from a patchwork to a sustainable system.


A Basic Income Guarantee would support a staggered return to employment as different parts of the economy rebuild and transition.  A BIG would be a permanent economic stimulus, especially at the community level where ordinary people will use their income to support local businesses. A Basic Income Guarantee would support Canadians as we confront further challenges, one that is far less intrusive than our current social assistance programs.


Please talk with your colleagues about what it would mean to have a Basic Income Guarantee for all Canadians. Please do what you can.


I look forward to meeting with you on the Basic Income Guarantee lobbying day on Parliament Hill on Tuesday, October 20 if that is still possible, but there may be alternative ways to connect. 


Your work between now and then is critical to Canada’s future.