Disability Without Poverty’s national director Rabia Khedr

In an interview with BICN's Roderick Benns, Disability Without Poverty’s national director Rabia Khedr said that real headway is being made in securing a basic income for people with disabilities in Canada – and that’s good for the whole basic income movement.

“I support all people having a livable income,” Khedr said. As people with disabilities, we believe everyone has the right to have their basic needs met, regardless of their ability to work. We should be supporting society’s members with their basic needs so they’re not struggling.”

Khedr says basic income though is most clearly on the table for people with disabilities at the moment, given the most recent throne speech committed to the creation of a new Canadian Disability Benefit for people with disabilities.

The national director says her organization came about specifically as a result of the pandemic, which pushed people with disabilities “further into the margins.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.