December 7 C-Team Meeting

OBIN Coordinating Team


Tuesday, 07 December 07, 2021. 7:00 – 8:50 pm EST


Chair:  Kerry Lubrick 

Present: Barbara, Caterina, Craig, Jim, Joe, John, Kerry, Kevin, Melanie and Piers.

Absent, with regrets: Lorraine, Richard and Ron


  1. Approval of Agenda

It was agreed that OBIN’s role in the Twittisphere would be delayed until our next meeting when Elaine would be available to discuss the issue.

  1. Treasurer’s Report 

Richard reported that:

* We received seven donations during the month of November, 2021 for a net of $ 250.34;

* No expenses were incurred during the month of November;

* In the bank account, after extracting the externally restricted funds, there is a net amount available to OBIN of $ 2,456.30;

  1. New Business

Kerry reported that she, John and Joe had prepared a memo related to the Affiliation Document which she explained, in reply to a question, provided detailed information about joining the C-Team.  She noted, for instance, that the document failed to include a description of the roles of Web- content Manager and Secretary.

Kerry then referred to the AGM, outlining in brief terms the program for the day, - the business segment, a break, a presentation by either Kim Pate or Hugh Segal on their perception of the future of Basic Income. Caterina would conclude the session by introducing affiliates from across the province. Jim agreed that the proposed program looked good but suggested that we allocate 25 minutes for the guest speaker’s presentation rather than the currently proposed 10 minutes. He also proposed that we leave time for questions and answers and that we try to adjourn the meeting by 12:30. He also noted we would distribute Q and A sessions in order to inform people about developments taking place with respect to the Basic Income Program.

Kerry noted that Richard would not be able to attend a meeting January 22nd.  Following a detailed discussion, it was agreed that Joe would contact Kim Pate to discuss an alternative date for the meeting which would permit Richard to attend and if this were not possible Richard would be asked to prepare a video of his treasurer’s report for presentation at the meeting. In connection with the Treasurer’s report Kerry enquired whether anyone had any specific plans for 2022 that would require funding. Craig mentioned the likelihood of people buying more Basic Income signs and Joe requested agreement to send one copy of the Elaine/Jamie book to MPP offices that had responded in any way to our Advocacy Week. (Barbara has agreed to the use of the restricted fund and Elaine believes we can get a significant discount from the publisher).

Kerry referred to the fabulous reviews received in connection with Advocacy Week and thanked Melanie and Caterina for chairing the meetings.

 OBIN Website

In connection with the website it was noted that Tracy’s and Adam’s name continue to appear on the site and that Jim’s and Elaine’s name have yet to be added.

In connection with the Minutes Piers asked Kevin to inform him directly when minutes have been edited.

Election Messaging

There was a detailed discussion about messaging for the election and it was agreed that it should be kept short and remain general in its approach. It was also agreed that we should use two key Asks: 

  1. Amplify the majority of Ontarians’ voices by working toward  

   A federal Basic Income Guarantee. This includes advocating  

   and working with the Federal Government on the 

   development and implementation of a Basic Income 


  1. Shifting existing provincial income support system toward    

   Basic Income principles that require less conditionality while 

   providing recipients a liveable income with more autonomy.

OBIN Website

Craig reported that Kingston is developing a new website for the Kingston Action Group which will provide a template which any community can copy and use. The template would be both transferable and capable of allowing communities to accept donations. Craig suggested that we meet with their webmaster with a view to upgrading our website. Piers said he would appreciate any help with the technical side of the website and would welcome any ideas team members may have with regard to making the homepage more attractive. John added that while we are capable of managing the basics of the website, anything beyond that requires professional expertise.

Message for Conservatives

Joe reported that Heather Hill agreed that highlighting how Progressive Conservative values aligned with Basic Income would be useful. It is suggested that this document be made available on our website as a tool for people to use. Joe mentioned as well that he had made a special effort to limit the paper to one page. Both Jim and Craig agreed to provide comments to Joe and a final draft is to be submitted to the team at our next meeting.

  1. Schedule for Next Meeting

Following a brief discussion, it was agreed that changing the day of our meetings to Wednesdays was not feasible for all C-Team members. Accordingly, Kerry will canvass members in order to determine the most suitable day for future meetings.

  1. Adjournment Time

The Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.