Backpage Summary of Basic Income for Canadians

From the Back Cover:

Canadian social programs were designed for a world in which most people graduated from high school, then found a permanent job with benefits that, barring unforeseen accidents, they would hold until they retired with a pension - all under the benevolent eye of their workplace union.  

In the last forty years, however, the labour market has fundamentally changed. Good, full-time jobs have been replaced by part-time or temporary work that pays lower wages, offers fewer benefits and rarely comes with union support.

Economic insecurity is now a feature of the lives of large numbers of people. Those forced to rely on provincial income assistance or disability support find themselves trapped in a system that perpetuates dependence.

This new situation has given new life to an old idea - basic income. This book explores basic income from a Canadian perspective. It reports on research from the original test in Manitoba in the 1970's to the Ontario initiative launched by the Wynne government, then killed by the Ford Tories.

The evidence shows that basic income improves family and community health and well being, improves financial resilience, and improves access to education and training - all at an affordable cost.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Basic Income Guarantee for Canada
  • Rediscovering Mincome
  • Basic Income is Good for Your Health
  • The Future of Work
  • Work and Human Dignity
  • Women and Basic Income
  • How Basic Income Affects Different People
  • Nine Myths About Basic Income
  • Can We Afford a Basic Income?
  • Getting from Here to There
  • A Basic Income for All of Us