23 November Election Strategy

OBIN Coordinating Team

Provincial Election Strategy Meeting – Part 2

Minutes: Thursday, 25 November, 7:00 – 8:20 pm EST


Chair: Kerry Lubrick

Present: Barbara, Caterina, Craig, Joe, John, Kerry, Kevin, Piers and Richard

Regrets: Adam, Lorraine, Melanie, and Ron

Meeting Objective:

To Develop a Strategic plan for escalating Basic Income as a priority in the 2022 Ontario election and setting outcomes.


  1. Develop key messaging/principles for Basic Income
  2. Identify stakeholders and partners to assist with the plan
  3. Review potential tactics

Kerry opened the meeting by informing team members that during the National Forum held November 8th, the formation of three committees had been agreed: Strategy, Marketing and Election and that at the November 10th Election Committee meeting with CC, BICYN, BICN and UBI Works, it was agreed that we could proceed with the basic message: “Basic Income Now”.  Craig added his satisfaction with the results of the National Forum and informed the team of the follow-up meeting of the Ontario/National Basic Income group to be held December 1st at 7:30 pm.

Jim emphasized that messaging with politicians was key and proposed that we develop “two asks”.  The first “ask” for MPs would be if they are willing to commit to a provincial Basic Income program.  The second “ask” would be to seek their agreement that they would work towards a national Basic Income program. It was his view that policy details should remain pending. Jim also mentioned that he has been working closely with Shailene Panyko, a policy person working with NDP MPP Laura Mae Lindo. Craig added that the Candidate Pledge should be kept simple.

Elaine reported that she had participated in a webinar earlier in the day which concluded with agreement to ask MPs for a commitment to reduce poverty by 50% by 2030.

Craig suggested that one of the “asks” should be whether OBIN would register for the provincial election.  He pointed out that in accordance with the election act it would be necessary for OBIN to register if we wanted to comment on the election.

Kerry noted that it was now agreed that OBIN would lead the election program but would lead cooperatively and added that we have representatives from two provinces with upcoming elections, British Columbia and Quebec, who want to learn from us.

Following a detailed discussion of piolet projects Richard proposed that we develop a synonym for the concept and Kerry proposed that we adopt “prototype” as an alternative. Elaine and John both emphasized the fact that piolet projects were no longer needed and were simply “kicking the can down the road”.

Joe pointed out that despite receiving MP pledges in support of Basic Income, recent Liberal documentation failed to mention the program. He suggested the possibility that pledges may not be effective. Craig responded that the more important aspect was getting voters mobilized to ask their MPs to sign the pledge. Kerry added that it was important to engage people better and to get more people to become more vocal.

Kerry announced that our next meeting would be held December 7th at 7 pm, that she planned to talk to Joe about the AGM and to Craig about what we should bring to our next meeting.  In this regard, she said we needed to focus carefully on how we are going to proceed, to discuss registering and to decide how we plan to support our program going forward.