Letter-to-the-Editor Writing Workshop

Subsequent to a National Basic Income Forum meeting held last month, the Ontario Basic Income Network and Basic Income Canada Youth Network have partnered to host a Letter to the Editor workshop. The workshop will take place on 22 February at 7:00 p.m. EST.
The organizers are really excited about it and are hoping it will be a good way to encourage and equip more people to take action by writing to your local media.
The workshop will cover what letters to the editors actually are and why they're so important, the process of writing and submitting them, what makes a good letter, and tips and tricks for writing impactful letters to your local media outlet and getting them published. Zero writing experience is required - the idea is to break down how to write letters to the editor and encourage those who may not have done it before to give it a try.
You can register for the workshop here.