May 2022

It's already May, which means the Ontario provincial election is just a month away. Find out what's going on with regards to Basic Income below.

Basic Income Candidate Pledge

Ontario's election is around the corner - where do your candidates stand?

Four years ago, our province was leading the world with the Ontario Basic Income Pilot. Thousands of Ontarians were receiving a Basic Income and their improved health, employment and well-being was a testament to the effectiveness of this policy. Despite their repeated promises on the campaign trail, Doug Ford's government cancelled the program within weeks of coming to power. 

This time we need to be sure that we're electing MPPs who believe in Basic Income and are committed to making it happen. That is why we have created a tool for you to ask your candidates to take the Candidate's Pledge. With a few short clicks, you can email all the registered candidates in your riding, letting them know their stance on Basic Income is important to secure your vote and asking them to take the pledge. You can also see which candidates have taken the pledge by clicking here.

During the last federal election, our Candidate’s Pledge helped elect 15 of our pledge-takers, including one cabinet minister. This time, we plan to help elect even more but we need your help. Will you push your candidates?

Basic Income Now March

On Saturday May 14, at 1:00 pm, there will be a Basic Income Now march beginning at Queen's Park in Toronto. This is the perfect opportunity to come out and show public support for a Basic Income.

You can click here to find out more and sign up for updates.

Green Resilience Project

The Green Resilience Project has published its final report, which summarizes a series of 33 conversations hosted in communities across Canada on the links between climate change, income security and community resilience.

The report, guided by findings from conversations across the country, shows that people all over Canada are increasingly exposed to climate impacts but are often unable to participate in proportionate climate solutions due to economic and other systemic barriers. They are interested in taking action on solutions that make tangible improvements to their lives, and need support from all levels of government to build capacity to do so.

It also contains four key policy recommendations designed to empower communities to take self-directed action, including the incorporation of a basic income into Canada’s just transition plan and federal tax reform to ensure that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.

“In our conversations, we encountered grief, urgency, hope and a wealth of innovative ideas for strengthening resilience at the local level,” said Green Resilience Project Manager Janet Patterfung. “We’re grateful to have the opportunity to share some of these stories in our final report, as they provide valuable insight into what types of climate and income policies communities would like to see as Canada moves toward a net-zero economy.”

“This project was brilliantly organized and sets a new standard for inclusive in-depth consultation,” said Josephine Grey, Founding Director of the St. James Town Community Co-op and organiser of a Green Resilience Project community conversation in St. James Town.

The final report is available to read and download on the Green Resilience Project website. A recording of the April 13 webinar that launched the report’s publication is also available

Merch Store

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In Closing

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