Lobby Day Letter 6

Dear (your MPP),

Begin with a sentence or two to express your appreciation.  Eg.  Thank you for your public service.  I especially appreciate how... 

I am writing to you today to request a meeting to have a conversation on a provincial but also a national basic income approach.  Precarious times have left many Canadians feeling the need for better income security to be able to cope with the uncertainties and disruptions we are now facing. We are at a crucial moment - and hope you will join us to discuss a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) as part of Ontarians and Canada's future.

I am including background information on BIG for your reference and interest.  Federally, MPs Erskine-Smith (Lib), Gazan (NDP), Gerretsen (Lib), and Dzerowicz (Lib) have indicated support for a national BIG.  It is now important for us to gauge support with provincial members of parliament.

I would appreciate half an hour of your time during the week of November 15th to 19th, 2021 to have this introductory meeting.  Due to the pandemic, we are booking individual Zoom meetings.  We are, of course, flexible and can meet whenever your schedule permits. If you are available and interested in meeting, I'd appreciate it if you could respond with your availability as well as any specific subject areas you'd be interested in discussing during the call.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your interests, questions and concerns, and your vision for Ontario’s future.

Kind regards,

[your name here]