Why Basic Income - Panel Discussion on 4 Nov 2020

Basic Income WHY?

The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on our communities as we know them, and it has exposed the reality that the Canadian social safety net is no longer working. Community residents are looking for help — help that preserves people’s dignity and provides adequate means to support for themselves and their families. That help should come quickly and it should be simple to access. Many have called for a Basic Income as a better way forward for all to ensure better health outcomes, adequate housing, nutrition, increased educational attainment and child development as well as ensuring positive psychological well-being.

Why a Basic Income is important for our communities?

  • What is, and isn’t, Basic Income?
  • Why is it important?
  • How do we move forward?( What does implementation look like and how do we get started?)

The panel members bring a broad range of knowledge and expertise, representing various aspects of Basic Income, academia, politics, policy and wealth. 

  • Virtual event with three panelists sharing differing perspectives on Basic Income followed by a Q&A.
  • Facilitated by a moderator who will guide the panel and audience through the event.
  • Panel members will shares facts, offer opinions and respond to moderator/audience questions.
  • The panel session will last 45 minutes.


Maev Beaty: is a critically-acclaimed actor, writer and voice-over artist. She is a Toronto Theatre Critics’ Award winner, three-time Dora Award winner and twelve-time Dora nominee in both performance and writing, referred to as “the excellent Maev Beaty” by the New York Times. Her film debut Mouthpiece was a Special Presentations Opening Film at 2018 TIFF.


Senator Kim Pate: is also a nationally renowned advocate who was the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of the Elizabeth Fry Society supporting some of the most marginalized, victimized, criminalized and institutionalized. April 2020, Senators Kim Pate and Frances Lankin spearheaded an open Letter from 50 Senators to the Prime Minister on a nation-wide guaranteed livable income program.

Ron Hikel: was the executive director of the original Mincome project in Dauphin, Manitoba, from 1974 to 1978 and he’s been advocating for a universal basic income (BI) ever since. Ron has taught political science at Canadian and American universities, was a Deputy Minister of Health and has worked on more than thirty electoral campaigns in the U.S., Canada, and Britain. He currently resides in Stratford, Ontario.

Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier:  is an Associate Professor and the graduate program coordinator in the School of Social Work at King’s University College at Western University, and chair of Basic Income London Ontario. Children are socialized at a young age to believe that giving to charity is a venerable, altruistic practice.

Floyd Marinescu: Floyd is CEO and co-founder of C4Media which provides software development news and learning events serving 1.2M online on InfoQ.com, and 8000 attendees annually via QCon conferences in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. Floyd is an angel investor in over a dozen startups, and has built teams and businesses in the US, Canada, China, Brazil, Europe. Floyd is also a CEO activist for universal basic income.

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