Webinar - Basic Income: Is This the Time?

Webinar: 9 July 2020,  2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, EDT


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Co-sponsored by Social Canada and The Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy


For many years, Basic Income was seen to be a niche political issue with sparse support among major political figures. However, the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) and advocates in other countries have been tireless in its pursuit. With reported successes in the Ontario Basic Income Pilot and growth of electoral support across North America galvanized by leaders like Andrew Yang, support has expanded. In Canada, several senators and business leaders have aligned themselves behind the concept. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, and the federal government’s numerous support programs, the case for basic income continues to grow. But many models have been advanced, causing some confusion as to its meaning and parameters. Join us as we discuss a detailed proposal advanced by BICN, as well as the merits and pitfalls of a Basic Income approach to Canadian income security.

Opening Presentation by...

Sheila Regehr, Chairperson, Basic Income Canada Network


Discussion with...

Hon. Frances Lankin, P.C., Senator for Ontario

Robert-Falcon Ouellette, Associate - The Pearson Centre, Former MP - Winnipeg Centre

Terrance Hunsley, Senior Fellow - The Pearson Centre, Editor - SocialCanada.org