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Making Basic Income a reality takes a movement of people like you. OBIN is actively lobbying for the adoption of a Basic Income in Ontario, and you can help make it happen.

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Connect with your Local Action Group

There are community action groups actively engaged in efforts across Ontario:

If you'd like to be connected with a group in your community, please Contact Us. If you don't see a group for your community, we can help you start one and build the movement where you live.

Learn and Educate Others

When people learn the facts about Basic Income, they want to see it happen here in Ontario. Visit our Resources page to find information you can learn and share with others, including our MPP Engagement Kit and our Basic Income Primer.

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We are a lean organization but we do need resources to keep our website active and to create materials to educate people about Basic Income.  If you have the means, please consider Donating to help cover our costs.

Our team is made up of volunteers. If you want to help, we want you on board and will put your skills to use. Please visit our Volunteer page to get in touch with us.


Advocacy Week (also known as Lobby Day) is a name used by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for select days, often annual, when lay members meet politicians or public servants at various levels to advocate and explain support for legislation relevant to the NGO.