The Letter

To Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services Lisa MacLeod:


Your government pledged to make Ontario “open for business” by creating quality jobs, reducing government waste and red tape, helping small business, and making the tax system more fair.


As small business owners—responsible for 75% of new job creation over the last decade—we can’t think of a better way to accomplish these goals than to implement a Basic Income system in Ontario.


Basic Income has been tested worldwide and proven to:

  • Increase the number of people starting small businesses, and therefore the number of quality local jobs.

  • Inject money directly into the local economy, boosting existing businesses.

  • Cut government waste by replacing complex and confusing financial support programs with a single, universal program.

  • Improve people’s health and reduce crime, reducing the strain on our burdened health-care and justice systems.


As your party said in its campaign, “Government doesn’t create sustainable jobs on its own … [it creates] the conditions that make it easier to start a business.” This describes Basic Income perfectly.


Your government recently claimed the cost of Basic Income would be too high, but the truth is that Basic Income saves money by eliminating redundant programs and needless bureaucracy. If you pay out the same money with lower administration costs, how could it possibly cost more?


It’s not enough to just lower taxes and hope that big corporations, mostly from outside Ontario, will create new jobs. We have the entrepreneurs we need right here—it’s time to invest in our success.


It’s time to support us and the communities we work in by making it easier for us to start and grow our businesses, and by improving income stability for our customers so they keep coming through our doors.


Basic Income will do all of this. It’s time we brought it to Ontario.



Ontario Small Business Owners


(A complete list of signatories will be published in spring of 2019)

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