Dear Ontario Small Business Owner:

Owning a small business is rewarding in so many ways. But today, economic instability and rapid change have many small business owners worried.

Trends like automation and off -shoring are making it harder and harder to compete with big corporations. But even worse, these trends threaten to take away your customers’ jobs and disposable incomes. When customers stop calling, clicking, or walking through your doors, no business can survive.


Small businesses create 75% of new jobs and are part of the fabric of every local community. If too many small businesses close up their doors, no community can survive.

That’s why we’re writing to ask you to stand with us and support a proven idea that will stabilize our economy, keep your customers financially healthy, and make it easier to start and grow a small business in Ontario.


We’re talking about Basic Income, a replacement for many of today’s government support programs that is more efficient, more fair, and injects money directly into local economies. It’s fiscally responsible, sustainable, reduces bureaucracy, and has been tested and proven to work around the world.


Change always meets with resistance, and that’s why we need your help. Join our movement by signing the public letter on the next page, calling on our provincial legislature to implement Basic Income in Ontario.


Your signature will make it clear to Ontario’s MPPs that they have the support of the small business community and a mandate to act. You’ll be helping to bring prosperity and stability back to our province.


Let’s stand together to move Ontario forward.

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