Provincial Election Strategy Meeting

OBIN Coordinating Team Minutes

Provincial Election Strategy Meeting

Tuesday, 19, October 2021. 11:00 – 12:00 am ET


Chair: Kerry Lubrick

Present: Barbara, Caterina, Craig, Joe, John, Kerry, Kevin, Richard, and Ron

Regrets: Adam and Piers


To Develop a strategic plan for escalating Basic Income as a priority in the 2020 Ontario Election and setting outcomes.


  1. Develop key messaging/principles for Basic Income;
  2. Identify stakeholders and partners to assist with the plan;
  3. Review potential tactics;
  4. Identify RACI: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed; and,
  5. Develop time lines.


Kerry opened the meeting by congratulating Craig for his presentation at the Dignity for All Program to which Craig replied that a video link to the program would be available on the website shortly.

  1. Approval of Agenda

In requesting approval of the agenda Kerry emphasized the importance of clarifying who should be involved and who should be accountable in developing a basic income program for Ontario and stressed the need to have discussions with our partners in this regard. Craig added that because the national group was in transmission it was essential that we clearly define what our role would be. Jim mentioned that he was very impressed with the results of the National Forum particularly in terms of the number of MPs who signed on to the pledge.

Craig pointed out that the federal government will have to be involved and to work closely with the provinces in developing the plan. Richard proposed in this regard that we had to decide whether we were going to do something and if so, what, and also, we had to address the issue of whether we were going to function as a team or go it alone.

Joe said the key issue was whether we were leading or participating in the development of the plan and suggested that we could take the lead, be accountable, and share with others specific activities such as technical works. Craig expressed concern that this might be too heavy a burden for OBIN. John added that Basic Income Canada has the responsibility for developing a national strategy and for providing support for provincial and local groups such as ours. Barbara added that going forward there had to be a recognition that UBI is a national – provincial partnership and it was important that we discuss with our partners whether we take the lead or lead collaboratively. Craig pointed out that OBIN is a part of Coalition Canada and might act as chair for a provincial campaign. Joe recommended that OBIN chair the group, since it is focused on Ontario and since there appears to be strong agreement for this. Kerry emphasized the collaborative nature of this approach and offered to reach out to our partners for confirmation. After a brief discussion, it was agreed that Kerry, Craig, Caterina and Jim would form a committee to reach out to our four partner organizations concerning how we might go forward.

Following a detailed discussion of the appropriate number of people who might be involved in the national forum and who would be responsible for selecting them, John pointed out that while this would be our first foray into provincial politics, it was important to note that the framework we develop would be useful in future elections. Jim proposed that we send out an open invitation to related organizations to have people attend the national forum and Kerry agreed to follow up.

Kerry noted that different basic income organizations, such as UBI Works, employ different terminology and asked whether we should be concerned about the differentiation in messaging. Joe pointed out that when we developed our principles, we had not done so in a vacuum but instead had proceeded based on BICN documentation.  He expressed the view that our principles are good and are national. With regard to the Statement of Principles he recommended that we augment the document by adding the point that BI alone will not solve poverty.

Craig pointed out that our website is about messaging and that we want our provincial website to be highly featured. John added that it was important to have a message with which everyone can agree.

Craig suggested that we needed another meeting in a month’s time to finalize our approach and Kerry agreed to conduct a doodle poll to determine the best date. Kerry concluded the discussion by mentioning that Melanie will be replacing Chloe on the C-Team.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 pm.