October 2020 Newsletter

Facilitator’s Corner

Thank you to all those who joined our marathon AGM. For those who missed it, we are providing you with the key documents to review and respond where necessary. Unfortunately, we are not able as yet to provide you with the fascinating presentation on the Basic Income Kenyan Experiment. We do have the BI and Youth presentation available to watch here.

We take great care to provide C-Team Minutes a few days after each meeting. They provide a running documentary on how the C-Team is collaborating with OBIN affiliates and with others. As well, the News link keeps you up to date with current activities here and around the world.

The semi-annual reports are kept brief since details can be found in our monthly meeting Minutes. Items relating to the AGM include:

Please note, for those who have not contributed in the past month or so, annual fees are due as of October 1. Donate here.

Due to time constraints, we were not able to review some of the important agenda items at the AGM that require OBIN Member input. We therefore request your comments /approval of the following items by October 19. After reading the following comments, please complete the OBIN Response Form below.

BI Statement of Principles

In response to an affiliate recommendation, the C-Team spent considerable time drafting a definition of a set of Principles. This is important as we dialogue with others so that we convey the same message. You may already have used it during the Basic Income Week, but we would appreciate your ratification for the record. Click here.

Basis of Affiliation

Minor modifications have been made to the Basis of Affiliation.  As agreed at the AGM, we are increasing the annual fee to $25, or whatever amount you can afford. This is to help cover not only the operational costs but also some of our program expenses. If you have been participating in some of our projects, you will be aware that your C-Team has been very active in collaborating with other BI advocates. Click here.

Also, you will see that we have changed how we collaborate with Youth. There is now an active national Youth group and we are very fortunate to have one of their leaders, Chloe Halpenny, as a liaison person on our C-Team.


Have you thought of joining the OBIN Coordinating Team? It is the beginning of a new fiscal year for OBIN and an opportunity to add new ideas and energy to your C-Team. Fortunately, we have acquired a Website Content Manager and recently, replacements for both our Treasurer and Recording Secretary, but we are open to nominees for other positions.

While most of the current team are willing to volunteer for another year, subject to your approval, we need to find new members to shadow and take over or share the work, either as Coordinators or as members of Topic teams. As shown in the Basis of Affiliation, the current C-Team positions  are:

  1. Facilitator/Co-facilitator,
  2. Internal Relations Coordinator/Co-coordinator

At a minimum, we urgently need a Co-coordinator; however, a Topic team would help us to expand our reach across the province.

  1. External Relations Coordinator/Co-coordinator

Again, we need a Co-coordinator to work with Barbara ; see her BIO to get a better idea of her activities.

  1. Special Projects Coordinator/Co-coordinator
  2. Promotions and Communication Coordinator/Co-coordinator

Netta has signed up as a Communications specialist, initially as an Advisor.

Expertise  in Long-term Planning and  Fund Raising would be welcomed.

Please email your responses to [email protected] by October 17 in celebration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

OBIN Response Form

1. BI Statement of Principles: Click here to read.

Agree: Yes ___ No ___ …

Comments: __________

2. Basis of Affiliation: Click here to read.

Agree: Yes ___ No ___

Comments: _________.

3. C-Team

As recommended by members, we should avoid replacing too many of the C-team in the same year. If you are not sure about your availability for taking on a specific role, why not join as a Topic team member and shadow/work with the Coordinators?

As noted in the main document, while we welcome nominations for all the roles, there is an urgent need to fill the positions of the Co-coordinator’s for both the Internal and External Relations teams as quickly as possible. If you are interested in joining the C-Team, please send a brief BIO telling us how you could best contribute.

In addition to the above, our Website (NationBuilder) Technical Advisor, Saul, has limited time available to volunteer. Therefore, finances to hire a consultant or to find a Technical Support volunteer is a priority.

We thank you for your assistance and look forward to your response.

Joe Foster

OBIN C-Team Facilitator

[email protected]