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OBIN coordinating team

Barbara Boraks – External Relations Coordinator

Barbara has been the Executive Director of Christian Jewish Dialogue of Toronto for over 25 years and in this role learned about the realities of interfaith and intercultural dialogue. Barbara been involved in numerous other projects at both the Federal and Municipal levels. On a personal level, Barbara believes the basic income pilots have created a window of opportunity to see if we can address foundational and systemic issues in our current social support systems: if we can create the type of relationships and networks required to affect a catalytic change with basic income, then maybe we will created a model of co-operation and action.

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Tim Ellis - Network Coordinator

Tim Ellis is a passionate and energetic writer, community organizer, speaker, campaigner, and advocate. While he’s had numerous careers, his most recent efforts include working as a staffer with the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, lead tour coordinator for the Rock Against the TPP international roadshow, community organizer for OPSEU, and National Digital Field Director for Guy Caron’s NDP leadership campaign. Currently, he chairs the Toronto Basic Income Advocates (an organization he founded); coordinates network management for the Ontario Basic Income Network; serves as secretary of the Board of Directors of the South Etobicoke Community Legal Services clinic; serves as President of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore NDP; advises the Basic Income Canada Network on communications and organizing; and works with Leadnow as a digital campaigner and organizer.

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Joe Foster - Facilitator

Born on the Prairies and holding an MBA in International Business Economics from McMasters, Joe spent the majority of his career as a civil servant/diplomat working for the Canadian International Development agency (CIDA) and with Foreign Affairs in Jamaica/Belize, Barbados and Pakistan. He also served 2 years in Malaysia with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He has been involved in a number of community activities, including social housing and advocacy groups for the disabled. Presently, Joe serves as a member of the Advisory Council of the Basic Income Canada Network (BICN). He is convinced that the future of modern society, both from an economic and social perspective, requires a new form of social safety net through the introduction of a Basic Income program.  


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John Mills – Internal Relations Coordinator

John has been active in social justice areas for a number of years. He has lived all over Western Canada and has made Hamilton his home since 2011. His lived experience of poverty prompted him to become involved in working on behalf of the underprivileged in his community. He is an active volunteer serving on the Hamilton Basic Income Group, the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Legal Clinic, as Vice-President of Mood Menders Support Services, with the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction's ‘Speak Now' Speakers Bureau, as a coordinator of LivingProof (BI recipients speakers group in Hamilton), the Campaign for Adequate Welfare and Disability Benefits, and Environment Hamilton. He speaks about the effects resulting from poverty including social isolation, mental health problems, housing precarity, transportation difficulties, and costs to society.

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Dr. Jim Mulvale - Co-Facilitator

Dr. Jim Mulvale is an Associate Professor in Social Work and an Associate Member of
St. Paul’s College at the University of Manitoba, where he was Dean of Social Work
during the period 2013-18. Jim is a founding member of the Basic Income Canada
Network and served on its board for ten years. His research is focused on basic income and on social work theory, and especially on their relationship to justice and
environmental sustainability. Prior to his academic career, Jim’s professional experience in social work was in community development roles in the fields of developmental disability and mental health in Southwestern Ontario.

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Dr. Tracy Smith-Carrier - Special Projects Coordinator

Tracy is an Associate Professor and the Graduate Program Coordinator in the School of Social Work at King’s University College at Western University, and Chair of Basic Income London, Ontario. Her program of research touches upon a number of different fields in the social policy arena, including access to social welfare benefits, social assistance receipt, poverty, and food in/security. Dr. Smith-Carrier started her journey as a middle school teacher and later moved on to pursue a career in research and policy analysis, particularly examining if, and how, marginalized groups access programs and services in the post-welfare state. Tracy lives with her partner and three daughters in London, Ontario. She enjoys running, canoeing, biking, and making interesting art projects with her kids.

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Patricia Wallinger – Treasurer

Patricia is Executive Director of the Amano Group, a not-for-profit start-up committed to advancing social and economic integration and well-being in our community, while promoting environmentally sustainable practices. She is a Master candidate at the Institute of Political Economy at Carleton University and currently working on a research project on public opinion regarding the Ontario BI Pilot. After moving to Canada in 2008, she decided to merge her teaching career with her interest in issues surrounding poverty, inequality, and policy making and has since worked in the non-profit sector and actively volunteer in various community organizations. She also works with the African Court Research Initiative as a research assistant on issues of corruption, disruption of social orders and inequality in the context of international law.

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