CERB and other coronavirus benefits won’t last forever.

In an unemployment crisis unlike any since the 1930s, a guaranteed living is a tempting idea – if we can figure out how to make it effective and affordable in the long run. Here are some of our options...

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Ending Poverty: Hugh Segal in Conversation with Mark Sutcliffe

Join host, Mark Sutcliffe, for an online conversation on ending poverty with Hugh Segal, whose latest book, Bootstraps Need Boots, lays out the moral framework and the economic rationale for a universal guaranteed annual income for all. The discussion (May 26) will be followed by an audience Q&A.

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The one thing that could improve the health of all Canadians

In an excerpt from her book, Better Now: Six Big Ideas to Improve Health for All Canadians (www.6bigideas.ca), Dr. Danielle Martin explains the biggest disease that needs to be cured in Canada is the disease of poverty. Part of the cure is to implement a Basic Income. Acting on it would do more to improve health than any other single policy our governments could embrace.

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Academic Articles by Jim Mulvale, UBI Advocate

Dr. Jim Mulvale is a faculty member in Social Work at the University of Manitoba.  He is active with the Basic Income Canada Network, Basic Income Manitoba, and the Ontario Basic Income Network.

To see a listing of his articles and to request copies click here.

Basic Income and Youth Webinar

This webinar will bring together young Basic Income advocates, researchers and observers to discuss Basic Income as a potential national social policy for Canada; fleshing out their proposals on how a Basic Income would address some of the most important socioeconomic issues being faced by young people today, as they begin their careers and start families.

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National Youth Network Asks PM for a Basic Income

News Release: 5 May 2020 - Ottawa, ON

A network of Canadian youth from across the country are amplifying the call of 50 Senators today through a letter asking the Prime Minister and Cabinet to implement a Basic Income - also known as a Guaranteed Livable Income - as an evolution of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

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A Public Letter On Guaranteed Basic Income

Faith groups have been working with supporting the Basic Income movement for a number of years. The Open Letter below is one vocal demonstration of this commitment to a more just Canada.

"As bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church of Canada we write, compelled by our shared faith convictions and moral obligation to care for the human condition of all."

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May 2020 OBIN Newsletter Posted

The May Newsletter features the formation of Coalition Canada, a new cross-country coalition of experienced Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) activists. Other OBIN news is available, too.  See the newsletter here.

OBIN C-Team Meeting - April 2020 Minutes

The C-Team met for their monthly meeting via Zoom on April 20th. To see what was discussed please read the April Minutes here.

The Cost of Poverty in Toronto - November 2016 Report

John Stapleton is one of the foremost experts on poverty in Canada. A Metcalf Innovation Fellow since 2006, The Cost of Poverty in Toronto report (November 2016) is the result of six months of collaborative work.

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