Minutes October 2021

OBIN Coordinating Team


Tuesday, 05 October, 2021. 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST


Chair:  Kerry Lubrick 

Present: Barbara, Caterina, Craig, Joe, Kerry, Kevin, Piers and Richard

Regrets: John

Absent: Adam, Chloe, Jim and Ron

1. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved without discussion.

2. Treasurer’s Report 

Richard reported that:

  • we received two donations during the month of September 2021, for a net of $ 33.38;
  • no expenses were incurred for the month of September;
  • in the bank account, after extracting the externally restricted funds, there is a net amount available to OBIN of $ 2,051.81;
  • there is one known expense coming, but still have not received it from Saul for the obin.ca Domaine Name provider.

With upcoming meetings in October and November, to include a reminder of the membership contribution of $ 25.00 per year or whatever members can afford.

3. Content Management Update 

Piers reported that he had updated the list of MPs from Ontario who had taken the BI Pledge, added the infographics that people had sent and confirmed that videos could be placed on the video page. Piers will also distribute the links for the article on Debunking Myths and the BI song. Piers confirmed as well that he has the link for the Mark Garrison material. 

Action: Piers confirmed that he would issue an E-Blast based on the election documentation to be submitted by Joe October 6.

4. Roundtable

Joe reported that people were impressed with the lawn signs and that he had contacted the production company to express appreciation for a job well done. Joe mentioned as well that the City of Ottawa appeared to have a ten- day limit on lawn signs and that he was following up to obtain confirmation and elaboration. Joe also reported that he had met Yasir Naqvi at a social event and that Naqvi had expressed support for basic income. Richard suggested that this was an important contact since Naqvi was likely to secure a seat in the next cabinet.

Kerry reported that the case with the criminal justice system had been completed.

Caterina reported that she had participated in a group designed to promote MP support for basic income and had also participated in an affiliate meeting in Waterloo in which only three of seven members showed up.

Craig reported that he is attempting to set up an affiliate in Kingston and that he is preparing presentations which could be adopted by other regions. Craig is also reviewing our existing materials in the context of upcoming elections.

Decision: In light of the impending provincial and municipal elections in 2022, it was agreed that we would call an additional meeting to discuss basic income’s role in these elections.

Action: Kerry will set up a doodle poll to identify a suitable time and date for this meeting.

6. New Business

a) Basic Income Rallies Across Canada on September 25 

Craig reported that while he had not become directly involved in the marches it was evident that the BI signs and T-shirts played an important role. Craig also suggested that we might explore the feasibility of hosting a Basic Income and Climate Earth Day.

b) Toronto Basic Income March, September 18 

Craig reported that he had participated in the March and was able to capture and preserve the visual collection which he has placed on site.

c) Status of New C-Team Formulation 

Joe reported that John had posted a revised copy of the Basis of Affiliation. In connection with this document he requested, and received, agreement that two weeks would be sufficient time for people to apply for positions on the C-Team. Joe then asked if team members would contact people they know to encourage them to participate in the program. In this regard he mentioned that he had spoken to Tom Cooper who may be interested.

d) National Forum in October 

Kerry noted that a date for the forum had not been confirmed but that a doodle poll currently in process would result in the selection of a date during the current month.

e) Advocacy Day 

Caterina noted that her team is working out details for the Advocacy Day and letters will be sent out shortly.

f) Zoom Lunch 

Caterina reported that she had set up a Zoom lunch in Waterloo September 15 to discuss the platform of the different political parties and to consider methods for getting people involved in basic income.  In reply to a request from Barbara, Caterina agreed to share the spreadsheet material with C-Team members.

g) BI Video 

Craig informed the team that the BI Video had a big impact and now has a home on the website

h) BI group in Toronto 

i) Kerry proposed and received agreement that this item be withdrawn and placed on the agenda for our next meeting.

6. Deadline for November Newsletter 

The deadline for the next newsletter is October 27.

7. Schedule for Next Meeting 

Action: In order to accommodate a conflict in scheduling, Kerry will conduct a doodle poll in order to identify a suitable date for the next meeting.

  1. Adjournment Time

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.