Minutes - November 2020

Monday, November 02, 2020

7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Present: Adam, Barbara, Caterina, Chloe, Jim, Joe, John, Kevin, Richard, Sharon.

Absent: Netta, Ron, Tiffany, Tracy,

1) Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved and Caterina was welcomed to the C-Team.

2) Treasurer’s Report

Richard reported that -

- during the month of October, we received $250 in donations.

- on the web infrastructure front, NationBuilder, we paid the backlog of expenses, and paid for the next year as it is less costly to pay for one year than on a monthly basis; $319.23 has been paid.

- in the bank account, we have $3,548.25. Net to OBIN from the externally restricted funds, we have $1,464.98

3) Content Management Update

Sharon reported that we currently have 547 members and that she has updated the C-Team bio page to include Caterina Lindman and Craig Berggold.

4) Results of October 19 Website Committee Meeting

Sharon reported the addition of a Search function, Site map and RSS feed would allow interested parties to do BI research on the website. Sharon will contact NationBuilder support and ask for assistance formatting the Membership form to include items discussed at the Committee meeting. Also recommended the addition of Research to the list of activities members might engage in while visiting the OBIN website.

5) Technology:  NationBuilder Update

Jim suggested that when we get the admin part of the website up to date, we could then contact each of the members in order to determine how they wish to support basic income – to join, to donate or to participate.

6) Action Items Related to October Round Table

  - Preparation of C – Team Members’ Video

The C-Team has not been officially established because we have not contacted the membership for their approval.

  - Marketing BI to Various Parties

Richard noted that the next Liberal convention may consider as many as a hundred resolutions concerning basic income. Barbara stated that in order to facilitate discussion of basic income she planned to develop a series of six key questions with short answers for talking points by MPs.

  - Addressing Basic Income and the Environment

Jim reported that he has been working with a small group in support of a program for basic income and environmental sustainability and that they recently submitted a proposal to Environment Canada for a $400,000 grant which would permit them to hire staff for the project.

Barbara reported the University of Saskatchewan conducted a National Town Hall linking Green Parties in Canada and Scotland.

  - Search for Volunteers to Work with Internal Relations

John reported that he had been in touch with one potential candidate who might be willing to work with him in Internal Relations but had not received a commitment thus far. Caterina is the newest member of the Internal Relations team.

  • Use of Social Media Material

Adam reported that there is a lot of interest in basic income on social media and that there was positive feedback about Lobby Day. 2,500 people saw the posts.

  • Feedback on Statement of Principles and Basis of Affiliation

Joe reported that the results of the survey on the Statement of Principles and Basis of Affiliation (received 21 responses) indicated broad approval of the Statement and the concept of C-Team coordination.

7) November Newsletter

Joe asked that anyone who wished to contribute to the November newsletter to forward the material to John in the next day or two. John will send the newsletter out on November 6th in the morning.

8) Other Business

Jim reported that due to a heavy teaching schedule he will be stepping away from his position of Co-Facilitator on the C-Team, effective December 31. He said he had enjoyed his experience with the team and would be happy to cooperate in future on Special Projects as needed.

In response to a question from Joe about the type of minutes we should provide, Jim suggested that we keep them short, in point form and that we highlight action items.

John reported that Basic Income Hamilton has initiated a Speakers Forum, and has requested that we co-sponsor the series which is scheduled to begin December 10. There was unanimous agreement for the proposal.

9) Schedule for next Meeting

It was agreed that our next meeting would be held Monday, December 7 at 7pm.

10) Adjournment Time

The meeting ended at 8:25 pm.