Senator Kim Pate on Appropriation Bill No. 5, 2020-21

CERB Leaves People Behind.
It's time for Basic Income - Why Are We Waiting?

*** 9 December 2020 ***

Senator Kim Pate addressed the Senate during Second Reading debate on Appropriation Bill No. 5 - 2020-21.

She addresses the fact that yet again, this Bill leaves Canada's most vulnerable behind after being left out of CERB. She makes it clear that a basic income is the obvious remedy to the problem.

From her address, "Those with the least have been excluded from income support measures like the CERB and enhancements to EI. Only those who have earned at least $5,000 per year qualify for the CERB or its successors. Unintuitively, outrageously and incomprehensibly, this has created a system, where, in a time of need and crisis, emergency income support systems are actually turning people away on the grounds that they have too little. They do not have enough income to qualify for help."

It is a long read but she makes some very telling points and is well worth the time. There is also the option to listen and watch her address. The link is in the article. 

*** To read or watch her speech, click here.