June 2021 Newsletter

Fellow Advocates,

Facilitator Corner

My friends, for many months, we have been promising updated forms to allow us to collect better information on people in Ontario interested in a national Basic Income.

Concurrent to this, we have been building supporter groups in Ontario, which you may know as OBIN Affiliates. More complete data will help us all to expand this effort by identifying supporters in each Riding. This information will greatly help Caterina, our Internal Relations Coordinator, in making contact with you to assist in creating new Affiliates or in directing you to any existing ones. So, please be a good sport and update your information using the Volunteer form in conjunction with the Follow Us and Donate forms. Many thanks!

Now is the time to begin thinking about our AGM. It is tentatively scheduled for September and all supporters are invited to participate in suggesting ideas for OBIN’s future. We will be looking for a strong representation of Voting Members (see Volunteer form above) to approve possible changes and in choosing the 21/22 OBIN Leadership. Preferably, we should have this all completed by the time of the AGM at which time we can announce the OBIN leadership for the 21/22 fiscal year.

Depending on the time available, interests, capabilities, and priorities, we would really appreciate it if each of us would choose the level of involvement we are willing to commit to OBIN. The forms are designed to provide this flexibility – from supporters and/or donors, to those interested in volunteering, and finally, individuals who are willing to become Voting Members and possibly serve on OBIN leadership committees. At the same time, we recognize that personal situations change, and we may wish to increase or lessen our individual involvement. Again, careful completion of the forms will assist us in continuing the appropriate level of contact with you.

Politicians are interested to know the level of support for any new program. This is definitely true for a Basic Income. adding your name as a Basic Income supporter is therefore important. Numbers count!

Finally, the criteria to be a Voting Member follow common standards, i.e., completing the forms by indicating how you can best use your time and capabilities to advocate for a basic income and by contributing financially (within your means) on an annual basis.

To assist us in doing the preparatory work for the AGM, we would appreciate your participation by updating your information by June 20.

Joe Foster and John Mills

External Affairs

It's been a very busy 2021, already, for basic income in Canada. Following up both the development of the 'Case for Basic Income Series' and our lobbying efforts with Federal MPs in 2020, we have developed, or are in the process of developing, formal Submissions to nine Federal Standing Committees. Our work has resulted in basic income topic experts being asked to present at four House of Commons Standing Committees: HUMA, HESA, FEWA, and FINA.

Together with researchers at the University of Saskatchewan, we are developing a report which will look at the potential effects of a basic income on downstream costs for numerous sectors.

We are also happy to report that we have three more upcoming 'Cases for Basic Income': Justice, Agriculture, and Municipalities.

So - lots to look forward to!

Barb Boraks
External Relations Coordinator

OBIN Affiliates

Are you interested in becoming an advocate for Basic Income in your community? In order to make Basic Income a reality in Canada, we need to build political will for Basic Income in local communities. The Ontario Basic Income Network seeks to do that by having OBIN Affiliates in each of Ontario's 124 Provincial ridings and 121 Federal ridings.

OBIN Affiliates meet monthly to support each other as we do these activities. We have had a workshop on how to write effective Letters to the Editor about Basic Income, and we have other workshop ideas such as writing op-eds, writing advocacy letters and lobbying politicians. We are planning a Lobby Day for Ontario MPPs. Our plan is to have a Breakfast meeting over Zoom with a keynote speaker, to which we would invite our MPP's, followed by a breakout session by Riding locality where we would lobby our MPPs, seeking to understand what they know about Basic Income, and seeking to further their curiosity about Basic Income. We are also planning a session on how to use Social Media as a way to build political will.

If you are interested in becoming an OBIN Affiliate or learning more about Lobby Day, please contact me.  We'd love to have you as part of the team!

Caterina Lindman
Internal Relations Coordinator


Our friend, Dr Evelyn Forget is speaking about Reimagining a Basic Income at TedxYYC. You can get tickets here!
The larger basic income groups are gearing up for their annual/biennial conferences for 2021. If you have the time, attending some or all of both of them will be an educational and thought-provoking experience and help spur your enthusiasm and engagement.

The North American Basic Income Guarantee Conference (NABIG) will be held from 17-19 June 2021. Although this is a virtual conference, please register to attend beforehand. Why not now?

The Basic Income Earth Network Network (BIEN) will be held from 18-21 August 2021. Registration for this conference is not open yet but we will update you as soon as it is open.

In Closing

Again, we do appreciate hearing from you! Ideas, comments, etc. are needed to fuel our enthusiasm.

Please contact any of the Coordinators or Joe or John at [email protected]

As always, we will continue to keep you informed of our progress via our monthly Minutes.

Joe and John

Ontario Basic Income Network