Interview Guide

Ontario Basic Income Network - Coordinating Team

Overview of the application process: 

  • You can review the full Call for Applications and position descriptions in the adjoining documents.
  • We will contact you later in October to let you know whether we are offering you a position. 
  • Your duties will begin in November.

Regardless of the outcomes for the C-Team, we would like your continued involvement with OBIN and the BI movement

Overview of position logistics and requirements: 

  • Location: Almost all OBIN commitments are online 
  • Start Date: to be announced (in November), 2021 
  • Length of Commitment: two-year, with the possibility to renew 
  • Hours: approx. 3 hours/month 
  • Must be eligible to be a member of OBIN, which means living in Ontario, supporting our Statement of Principles, and supporting our work to advocate for and celebrate the benefits of a basic income.

Interview Questions 

  1. First things first, tell us a bit about yourself. 
  2. We want everyone in Canada to have enough income to meet their needs, participate meaningfully in their communities, and live with dignity. Tell us about why addressing income insecurity is important to you. 
  3. We mobilize people to advocate for and celebrate the benefits of a basic income through community-building, education, and activism. Have you directed/led a community-building, educational, or activist project? 
  4. As part of our advocacy, we facilitate and conduct advocacy meetings with MPs, MPPs, City Councilors and Senators about basic income. Tell us how you would navigate the following situation: You’re in a meeting about basic income with an MP, on behalf of OBIN. The MP doesn’t have a clear position on BI but tells you they’re very concerned about the cost of the program and people not wanting to work. How would you respond? 
  5. Tell us about how you think you can support the growth and development of OBIN. 
  6. We believe that community and relationships are central to impactful social movements. Tell us what you enjoy most about working in community/on teams, and what you find most challenging. 
  7. What do you hope to learn/gain in experience through your time with OBIN?  Candidates will be invited to ask us questions before ending the interview.