From Senator Kim Pate's Office: Why a Guaranteed Livable Income?

12 June 2020

Canada is a resource-rich, culturally diverse, and human-rights-promoting democratic country. Despite this, far too many Canadians do not experience equal access to protections, resources or opportunities. The result is a less fair, just and cohesive society where efforts focus on reacting to harms and issues rather than on approaches that proactively prevent and work to eradicate inequality and discrimination.

We see a guaranteed livable income (GLI)—also known as a basic income guarantee—as one component of a robust, responsive and comprehensive economic, health and social wellness system, inclusive of universally accessible housing, child care, education, pharma, dental and mental health strategies. These measures must work together to reflect and promote the principles of public administration and accountability; universal accessibility; comprehensiveness with respect to meeting basic needs; and portability during short-term absences from one’s home province or territory.(2)

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Senator Kim Pate addressing the Senate, 7 March 2017 on The need for a guaranteed livable income for all Canadians.