Federal Election sees new and returning Basic Income advocates headed to parliament

The federal election on September 20, 2021, saw basic income advocates elected and re-elected to the House of Commons. Julie Dzerowicz, who introduced Bill C-273, which would "requires the Minister of Finance to develop a national strategy to assess implementation models for a guaranteed basic income program", was re-elected as the MP for Davenport in a close election. Other Liberal Ontario MPs who took Basic Income Now's 'Candidate's pledge' to support the establishment of a national basic income who were elected include Nathaniel Erskine-Smith in Beaches-East York, Mark Gerretsen in Kingston and the Islands, and Yasir Naqvi in Ottawa Centre. The Green's Mike Morris won the party its first seat in Ontario after taking the pledge. The NDP is also sending a candidate from Ontario who took the pledge to parliament, Matthew Green of Hamilton Centre.