December 2021 Newsletter

It's been a busy month here at OBIN, with calls made to MPPs and an eye ahead to the provincial election next year.

OBIN Advocacy Week.

Advocates from around the Province met with a total of thirteen MPPs to talk about Basic Income. Nine of the MPPs were from the New Democrat Party, and it's gratifying to see that level of interest. Another meeting took place with the Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, the Hon. Ted Arnott. The Speaker has to gain the trust of all the parties, and be neutral in policy matters. It was really interesting to meet with him. We both share an admiration of Hugh Segal, and it was really good to have that in common. OBIN Advocates also met with Rudy Cuzzetto of the Progressive Conservative Party. For the Liberals, meetings were held with MPP Amanda Simard, MPP Kathleen Wynne, and the staff of Party Leader Steve Del Duca.

The Advocacy efforts of OBIN are advancing the movement towards Basic Income by building relationships with MPPs. The timing of our meetings was good as the parties are working on their election platforms, so it's a good time for them to learn that Basic Income resonates with many people in Ontario. I'd like to thank everyone who took part in OBIN Advocacy Week and helped make it a success. The meetings we have had are not the end of the effort. We regard these initial meetings as the beginning or continuation of a relationship with ongoing dialogue. And, some meetings with MPPs have yet to occur, which will strengthen the number and quality of our relationships with MPPs in Ontario.

Caterina Lindman, OBIN Internal Relations Coordinator.

OBIN Social Media

With Twitter getting a new CEO and Facebook rebranding as 'Meta', big changes are afoot. But none are more that the fact that OBIN now has a Facebook page and a Twitter profile which you can follow by clicking the links provided.

Senators Call for Federal Support of PEI
Guaranteed Livable Basic Income

Senator Kim Pate has introduced a motion to "examine the human, social and financial costs of abandoning people in poverty and the potential for implementing measures such as guaranteed livable basic income." The goal of this motion is to make sure Canada has an economic recovery that leaves no one behind.

Additionally, a group of Senators have called on the federal government to support PEI's attempts to establish a basic income. You can read about this call and see which Senators signed on here.


If you are interested in checking out some recent webinars on Basic Income, check out Otonabee College's Department of Sociology discussion of the topic or one on Basic Income and Climate Change with Mitchell Beer, Jim Mulvale, Janet Patterfung, and Scott Santens, moderated by Natasha Pei.