Content Manager Position

Job Description

The Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is seeking a volunteer to continue the work of managing the content on our website. Please send your applications to [email protected]. We would like to fill this position on an urgent basis so that our website does not become outdated.

General Requirements

The applicant should be a supporter of a Basic Income in order to join a professional and passionate team working to promote the implementation of a basic income.

The Content Manager will work with the Facilitators on an ongoing basis and with the Webmaster and the Website Management Team as needed. Together, they will set priorities, resolve issues, and suggest improvements that will make the website useful to users.

Specific Requirements

  • The position requires a person with excellent computer skills in order to take multiple types of material and upload them to the website.
  • The person should be readily available to upload documents provided by the OBIN Coordinating Team (C-Team) occasionally on an urgent basis but generally within a few days or as otherwise agreed.
  • The person should have excellent communication skills.
  • The person will be an active member of the C-Team and participate in monthly C-Team meetings.
  • The person will be expected to participate in creating guidelines for publishing and will work with the C-Team to suggest ways to keep the website organized.

Desirable Attributes

  • Website maintenance experience is highly desirable.
  • An understanding of Information Management rules and best practices would be an asset.
  • Good writing and proof-reading ability are desirable.