Call for Applications

The Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is seeking candidates to fill leadership positions for the fiscal year 2021/2022.

New volunteers are sought each year to provide fresh ideas and energy for the leadership that will make a Basic Income a priority in the minds of the public and politicians in Ontario and beyond.

Please forward your application(s) to [email protected], copied to [email protected], no later than 26 October. 

The revised Basis of Affiliation acts as our "contract" between the Coordinating Team and the OBIN membership.

You may apply to one or more of the following positions. See the Basis of Affiliation for details:

  1. Promotion and Communications Coordinator (General)
  2. Promotion and Communications Coordinator (Social Media)  
  3. Internal Relations Co-coordinator
  4. External Relations Co-coordinator
  5. Special Projects Coordinator
  6. Research Team members 
  7. Recording Secretary 

Fortunately, many of the key members have agreed to continue on the c-Team. In addition, as you have been informed, we have a new Facilitator to take over from Joe Foster:  Kerry Lubrick.

Members continuing:

  • Co-facilitator: John Mills
  • Internal Relations Coordinator: Caterina Lindman 
  • External Relations Coordinator: Barbara Boraks 
  • Youth Liaison: BICYN appointment 
  • Research  Team Lead: Ron Hikel 
  • Content  Manager:  Piers Eaton
  • Advisers: Craig Berggold, Joe Foster
  • Treasurer: Richard Pommainville 
  • Recording Secretary, Kevin Smith (He will act as a backup if available.)

Location: OBIN activities are generally online. (The AGM may be virtual or a hybrid of in-person and online (to be determined next month).
Following the selection of the C-Team, the AGM will be called. The target is presently for November; the date will b announce as soon as possible. 

About OBIN 

We are passionate about making basic income a reality. We collaborate with like-minded organizations in Ontario and with BICYN (Basic Income Canada Youth Network), BICN (Basic Income Canada Network) and Coalition Canada. We work with other local, provincial, and national basic income allies.  We mobilize people to advocate for and celebrate the benefits of a basic income through community-building, education, and activism.

Position Overview

Core Responsibilities of the Coordinating Team (C-Team): 

  • OBIN is looking for people who enjoy taking initiative, who will find and develop new partnerships with other movements and organizations, and who will help us build the network in Ridings across Ontario. Members of the C-Team are expected to attend and participate in regular OBIN Coordinating Committee meetings (1.5-2 hrs every month) to set the directions of our network, organize key projects that align with our Statement of Principles, and contribute to helping us achieve our Purpose. 
  • Availability to meet on an as-needed basis is expected for direct action items or urgent events (i.e., meetings with politicians, Special Days, invited speaker events). These are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and will be scheduled with consideration of Committee memberstime and capacity. 
  • Positions may be negotiated and discussed person-by-person to ensure that they reflect the individual interests, strengths, and goals of each member.

Candidate Requirements: 

  • Must be eligible to be a member of OBIN, including: living in Ontario and supportive of our Statement of Principles.

Candidate Attributes: 

Each individual comes with their own unique skills and experience. We dont expect you to have multiple/all of these attributes, but they would be an asset for our advocacy activities: 

    • Knowledge of the history and current context of basic income policy and advocacy 
    • Experience with grassroots organizing or projects 
    • Experience with political systems and actors, the policy process, and advocacy at the municipal, provincial, or federal levels
  • Experience with promotion and communications. 
  • Bilingual 

Joining our Team

We are seeking people from across Ontario to join our Coordinating Team and help us direct this work. We encourage people who are otherwise under-represented to apply. We are committed to building a diverse leadership team and will collaborate with candidates to promote accessibility and fairness within our group. 

As we are a grassroots network, positions on the OBIN Team are unpaid/voluntary. However, we can offer as a member of our Team:

  • A supportive team of activists. We believe that community and relationships are central to impactful social movements. 
  • Opportunities for learning, development, and networking. As a team member, youll have the opportunity to learn about and practice skills in public speaking, activism/advocacy, working with politicians, academics, non-profits organizations, the media, and more

Application Process

Please send us the required information by email to [email protected], copied to [email protected], no later than 21 October 2021. Please include:
Name, City/Town, Email address, Phone number, Position applied for, your resume
Why you are interested in the position (approx. 150 words)
What you can bring to the OBIN team (approx. 150 words)

The current C-Team will review all applications and respond to all candidates.

Candidates may be contacted for scheduling interviews via ZOOM. The questions will be provided ahead of the interviews or you can read them here

We look forward to hearing from you! Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.