who we are:

Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN) is a coalition committed to seeing Basic Income implemented in Ontario by 2021. It's a bold vision of dignity and justice for every Canadian regardless of work status - and we're inviting you to join our growing community of advocates.

We're a wide ranging group of community members, parents and grandparents, professionals and volunteers, voters and policy makers who believe that a Guaranteed Basic Income for all Canadians is the best way to build communities where everyone can belong and thrive. 

community action groups:

Alongside individuals, OBIN is made of local Community Action Groups. These teams of dedicated volunteers are actively engaged in the vital work of lobbying MPPs, building cross-sector support, and growing the reach of the basic income movement in Ontario. To learn more or get involved, connect with your local Community Action Group today.

our story:

Basic Income for all Canadians is the next evolution of the Canadian dream, preceded by Universal Healthcare, Old Age Pension, and the Child Tax Credit. Every person deserves dignity, healthcare, and safety from economic precarity and poverty - regardless of work status.

OBIN is working to make that dream a reality by 2021. Continuing the storied legacy of Canadian Basic Income advocacy stretching back to the 1970's, OBIN was born from over a dozen local advocacy groups' desire for coordination to create change across the province. Our members include advocates, professors, lawyers, policy makers, business and civic leaders, those with lived experience of poverty, students, and community activists. We invite you to join us.

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