Letter to the Editor

A letter-to-the-editor was published in many regional papers in response to an op-ed entitled Federal carbon tax could lead to food insecurity for many Canadians.

The article ends with the sentence, "But the federal government is clearly not considering how the carbon tax could put many Canadian families in a state of food insecurity by 2030." The response read:

The author of this op-ed is concerned that, by 2030, even more Canadians will be food insecure. I hope not! I believe in societal evolution. Food insecurity is caused by poverty, and more Canadians than ever are realizing that the best way to eliminate poverty is with a Basic Income Guarantee.

The province of Prince Edward Island is negotiating with the federal government to implement a Basic Income Guarantee in the province. I am confident that the experience in that province will make other Canadians want a Basic Income Guarantee, and that the federal government will deliver this, similar to how we got Universal Health Care after Saskatchewan's success.

Wouldn't it be grand if the province that is the home of Confederation as well as Anne of Green Gables also enabled Canadians to get a Basic Income Guarantee?

Caterina Lindman
Waterloo, ON

*** Published 18 January 2021